Sunday, November 13, 2011

Design Festa 34 - Part 1: Indy Toys

Design Festa 34 opened today at Tokyo's Big site. As always, the show was packed with hundreds of creative types selling their wares, painting, or just occupying booths and hallways in an eye catching way. Many toy makers set up booths as well. Though there weren't quite as many new toys or variants of existing figures as in past shows, there was still quite a lot to see, as well as several new players on the circuit,

Here's my pictorial of the indy makers who exhibited today. Some, including RESTORE and Galaxy People, will be at the event tomorrow.

Setting up

Max Toy
 170 pics after the jump:

New Micro Eyezons!

Samples of the new Max Toy figure. This is Lady Darkness, who emerges in the moonlight as the alter ego of Lady Maxx. These fantastic minis were sculpted by Makino-san.

Upcoming Hyper Hobby exclusive Negoras + Big Fish

 The next three are one-offs:

Upcoming made to order GID Enma (scheduled to go up for order in December)

Prototype of next Masayoshi Hanawa x Blobpus collaboration

These are both samples. The one on the right is slotted to become sofubi soon. The one on the left is still in development.

Today's gorgeous exclusive minis

 Dream Rocket

Sunguts brought an amazing number of figures + DF exclusives.

 Pico Pico

 Grody Shogun

The head was painted by Dennis (Shirahama).

Kaji-san (Blobpus) stopped by to customize this head. (NFS)


Today's exclusive figure.

Dennis + Luke

+ Jeff (visiting from the US)

Future releases

Today's Sammo-Hung releases

 Rampage Toys
Today's exclusives

mixed parts

 Refreshment Toys


 Atelier Pu

Nice assortment of blanks


 The next two are today's exclusive Godzillas:

Finally got to score these minis. The one on the left is meant to be the head of TEPCO. On the right is a government official. They're in the grasp of the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Marmit-san brought an outfit he put together for a movie filmed 20 years ago. I think he was a bounty hunter or something.

Still looks awesome!

 Monster Factory

 P.P. Pudding

 Mutineer Jun and Shon Side
The dudes made the trip from Taiwan for the event!

In development sample of future release

Rebel Angel



Upcoming Medicom figures

Amazing detail for such a small figure

Kubrick head stump revealed!

Another upcoming Medicom toy
The toy is composed of parts made from sofubi, PVC, and ABS.

Today's exclusive

Future release?
 Uky Daydreamer
Yuki has been making resin figures for 6 years. He flew over from Fukuoka for DF! To see more of his work (and buy online, starting perhaps towards the end of next month), visit:

Whew, well that's all for now. Thanks for reading. The comments section is open! Which were your favorite figures?

Click here for Part 2 of my DF 34 report: everything else.
Click here for part 3 of my DF 34 report: videos.


danlord said...

Gracias Andy por tan completo reporte

Anonymous said...

Great coverage. Thanks for all the pictures! At the Nakayoshi table. Is that a new toy they are introducing with the price tag of 10,000 yen? What is the name of the kaiju?

Monsterforge said...

Awesome post, Andy! Thanks so much for the report!

Are those pink Ojisans show exclusives, or will they be available to US buyers?

Thanks, man!

andy b said...

Sorry guys not sure. (Kind of hard to keep track of the hundreds of toys sold at DF. ;-) Maybe someone else can pop in with the answers?

Bob Conge said...

Once again Andy, thanks for the tour.

insolv1niac said...

so awesome! I have to go to one of these!
the lantern headed sunguts piece and the Naked figures made me lol.
Atelier Pu and Juki minis are awesome

TSDProduction said...

thank you for share these great photos !!!!!!!!!!

Monsterforge said...

D'oh! My bad, Andy! I imagine seeing all those toys at once would overwhelm anyone!

Thanks, dude!

ukyDaydreamer said...

Thanks for introducing me and figures! !
Link your blog in my blog! !

andy b said...

Thanks guys. After Irene and I played some pinball, Galaga, and Mario Bros at the Decks retro arcade (check it out here: I hunkered down at a Saizeriya restaurant and sorted the images.

Mforge - no worries dude. It's not overwhelming, but it's kind of hard to have names, prices, and release info on everything on display - sorry about that.

Hi Yuki! Thanks, I'll add a link to your blog on Kaiju Korner too! ^)^

ukyDaydreamer said...

Thanks for introducing me! !
I link to your blog on my blog! !

Dennis said...

Your event coverage is as OUTSTANDING and informative as they always are. Much love from the Bay Area!

andy b said...

Thanks again guys!

ukyDaydreamer - Thanks! It was nice meeting you and seeing your cool resin toys at Design Festa. Everyone should visit his blog! Here it is:

snakepunchesfox said...

Andy, Super cool post! Tons of great stuff. I think I went broke just looking at the Sunguts booth. I'm loving that guys style. Do you happen to know if the little sofubi building were for sale as well? Will we get to see a KK x Velocitron collaboration in the future?
Not really into the horror stuff, but Dang! the bunnies(Shikaruna?) and those colors are convincing me otherwise! Thanks again!

Also, how does Design Festa compare to Super Festival? Will have to make it to one of these sometime.

andy b said...

No price tags on the buildings, so probably not for sale.

Haven't got plans for a Velocitron collab, but down the line, who knows!

DF and SF are two very different events. SF is a lot smaller, and more about toys. DF has a bit of everything. I'd recommend browsing my past reports - the pics speak for themselves. :O)

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