Friday, July 31, 2015

Varner Studios at SDCC 2015

Last year, I wrote in depth about Varner Studio's display at SDCC. Over the last couple of decades, the company has been responsible for sculpting many toys and is now at the forefront of digital sculpting. At this year's show, they once again had an excellent display. Here's a look at what they brought.
In their display cabinets, Varner had a mix of figures sculpted by hand and digitally, as well as figures at the final stage of development and production.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cosplay at SDCC 2015

At this year's SDCC, there was some creative cosplay, especially with vehicles and oversized outfits. Steampunk was barely represented, and my sense in general was there weren't as many cosplayers as in years past. But those who made the trek were enthusiastic and friendly, and they wandered the Gaslamp district of the city along with the hall floor. Here's a look:

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Indie Toys at SDCC 2015

Welcome to our main report for SDCC 2015 - a look at the indie toys at the show. Retailers and designers continue to set up shop at SDCC, though the numbers are not as strong as in years past. Talking to a number of folks, I got a mixed bag of impressions. Some thought things were going fine, while others talked about fanbases (and retail activity) moving online or to other shows.

A couple of notable absences were Gargamel and Bwana Spoons - two mainstays at past shows. But Kidrobot and Super7 were back, and a few designers held the line with their own tables. We also saw a number of new and upcoming figures.

Booths are arranged alphabetically. Enjoy!

3D Retro

New figure. This thing is massive!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Interview with Super7's Brian Flynn at SDCC 2015 (He Man, ReAction Toys, & More)

We kick off our SDCC 2015 coverage with an interview with Super7's owner Brian Flynn. Once again, Brian's team put together an excellent booth, which dovetailed with their Skeleton's Lair pop up shop at Super7 San Diego.

In the interview, Brian talks about the new Super7 He Man toys, new figures in the ReAction line (which Funko distributes), Super7 sofubi, playsets, as well as upcoming releases.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bagged Double 6 games from the 70s

In the past I've written about paper board games, known as "double 6" games in Japanese. Now I'd like to show you some unopened sets. These are especially cool since you can see the inserts that came with the games, as well as the cool header cards.
These are pretty big. For scale, the Barom 1 figure on the left (lah lah lah lah lah for those Barom fans in the house)  is about 5" tall.

Gatchaman is the main image on this game.

Fun header card
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