Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Design Festa 34 indy toy booths + previews

More and more indy toy companies are announcing that they'll be at Design Festa 34 this weekend, on Saturday and/or Sunday. (Design Festa is kind of unique in that though it's a two-day show, many people are there on only one of those days).

As I've been saying, the event is becoming more and more important for indy toys, with a growing sofubi + resin presence.

Here's a list of who we know will be there, to the best of my knowledge:

Booth C-6
Black Rabbit

Sofubi Row (Booths E-11-14)
Pico Pico
Dream Rockets

Booth E-80
Max Toy

Booth E-319

Booth G375-G379
Few Many

Booth H-112-113
PP Pudding

Booth I-299 (?)

Booth I-300
Refreshment Toys
Fig Lab
Rampage Toys

Lulubell + Friends (4th floor: somewhere in the dimmed area)
Grody Shogun
Shirahama Toys
Hints and Spices

Sunday only:

Booth A-99

Booth J-168
Galaxy People

I also imagine Atelier Pu will be there, since they're usually at DF. Mirock, Kikkake, and Kaijin also had  booths last time, so hopefully they'll show again.

If you know of others who will have booths, or if you have preview pics to show, send me an e-mail: kaijukornerandy@gmail.com

Preview pics

Lulubell and Friends:

Galaxy People:
All three figures are limited to 5 pieces each (2500 yen per figure). Anything left over will be sold after DF at: http://galaxypeople.bigcartel.com/

 More after the jump:

Analogu chan, Ikeka Chan, etc

Mini Isopod

Mini Kaeru Bancho

Mini Eggplant

Mini Umiushi

Mini Zarikingu

Max Toy:

Micro Eyezon

Mini Dragigus

Alien Argus

Negora + Big Fish


Refreshment Toys:

Clown Cuppy


Rampage Toys:
Ugly Unicorn

Ugly Unicorn
Mixed parts


Monsterforge said...

OK.. I REALLY dig this Kaeru Bancho character. What a great face!!!

This looks like a lot of fun!

andy b said...

Also one of my favorite Yamomark minis!

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