Monday, November 28, 2011

New from Uamou

New images from Studio Uamou:

 More after the jump:

As always, the best place to get new Uamou toys is on their website (they ship overseas) here. A quick look around the shop reveals that they accept payments vis Paypal + ship overseas via EMS at an extremely reasonable rate. Yay Ayako!


greattoyfinds said...

its an awesome shop!
we visited it just couple days ago and spent some money in there! ;)

i think we will visit it once or twice when we are here in tokyo.
we will be spending money until 7th of december,so beaware! ;)

if you wanna meet me and my wife someday for some toy shopping hit us a mail! :)

with love lontime readers: Jani+Saana

andy b said...

Howdy! Wow, you guys have been crazy busy on Tumblr! Did you get all that stuff in Tokyo??? I'll send you an e-mail. I have been known to meet fellow toy nerds in Nakano from time to time. :O)

greattoyfinds said...

we allready did one trip to nakano this time but more is always better! :D
hit us email and lets see what happens! ;)
tomorrow(tuesday)we will go to kamakura...tourist time! :)

see ya soon!

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