Saturday, November 26, 2011

Monster Kara Update #2: Sofubi parts prep

The Grody Shogun x KK debut Monster Kara order is coming along very nicely. Here's a video of me sounding very tired + Luke using a new tool (new to the Fort anyway) to drill holes into the Karakuri bodies. (Like with many other sofubi figures, when toy bodies are cast, the only hole is at the neck, so either someone at the factory or the maker has to create arm holes.)

So, there's an inside look at the parts prep stage of toy production. We're moving right along with the Monster Karas and are right on track.


Monsterforge said...

WICKED! These are moving right along! This coming Tuesday marks the 6th week since the pre-order went up, so it seems to be right on schedule! Luke's a monster makin' machine!

I was wondering if that was what that machine was for when you posted the earlier progress pics. I use a Dremmel tool to widen holes in sofubi when I work on customs... that desk-mounted beast looks like a lotta fun! (Although a slip there would be painful!)

Thanks for the updates, Andy! :D

andy b said...

Yep we are indeed on schedule.

It's fun seeing all the tools and bits and bobs that go into toy production. Luke let me drill one of the Karakuri arm holes, and yeah, you've got to be careful.

I'll have more MK updates in the coming days. :)

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