Sunday, November 13, 2011

Design Festa 34 - Part 2: everything else

Some of the many other sights from DF 34. After my reports for past DFs, I've gotten lots of questions about how to get in touch with exhibitors. So, where possible, I've added the booth's name and contact info.

 More after the jump:

I am Toxic Clothing:

Fab Lab Japan. Really cool outfit doing laser cut items.

Keystone:  (They also have a shop in Tokyo.)

This guy played the accordion for shoppers. So cool!

The one true Boss!




Zero: Twitter: xxxxzerO


Incredible paper figures



Na* pierced earrings:




And that's a wrap from Design Festa 34. Thanks for reading!

Click here for part 1 of my DF 34 report: indy toys.
Click here for part 3 of my DF 34 report: videos.

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