Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hsin-Wei Hsu solo show in Taipei

Solo art show entitled "What the fart: 10 days in Taipei" runs through 6/26. The show is being held on the first floor of the building where Hot Dog Toyz is located. Address and phone number are on the above postcard image.
More info on Hsin-Wei Hsu here:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beautiful things I saw today...

From the day's wanderings in NYC...

Umberto Boccioni @ the MOMA:

The Cooper Union building:

Mamoun's Falafel:
Some of the best food in the city (falafels, hummus., baba ganoush....), and it will cost you less than 5 bucks. This location (they have two in the city) is in the East Village on St Mark's Place, near the Astor Place station. It's also across the road from St Mark's Comics (great shop) just down the road from Giant Robot (classic goodness) and around the corner from Toy Tokyo (whose new shop is epic). We stumbled upon Mamoun's a few months ago and were shocked to eat like kings while paying like paupers!

Seriously recommended place to chow, and great for veggies.

Nag Nag Nag @ Mishka NYC

Today at Mishka NYC, an event of unlikely proportions and pubic preponderance exposed itself to an unsuspecting public. Mr. Nag (present in spirit if not in person), Lamour Supreme, Coop, and Mishka formed a holy quartet for the unholy event.

Shots of Mishka's very cool Brooklyn digs:

Lamour's sketches and headers:

So nice!!!

Coop's work:

Der awesome!

Some of the T-shirts:

The Nag crew:

But did he wash his hands afterwards???

Nag schwag
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