Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Grody Shogun pics

Pics I shot the other day at the Fort:
Base vinyl for "squeaky wheel" release

I called this mashup "Pieta."

Luke is nuts about this figure, which is made by a Japanese company. The character is very old and based on a long forgotten property. To get the Monster heads to fit, he had to use a sculpting tool like a shoehorn.

Clear Ugly Unicorns. (Later, I'll have a separate post about Jon's plan for these figures.)
 And a bit of Cherry Vinyl:
More pics:
Seagool head
I shot this pic after Design Festa, as I sat at a restaurant sorting DF pics.


ra said...

so is that black vinyl for the squeaky wheel release? know if there's any unpainted still sitting around?

ra said...

ps this post is full of AWESOME!

andy b said...

Right, it's the squeaky wheel base vinyl. Not sure if Luke has any plans to leave any blank.

Monsterforge said...

Blank black Monsters = PURE WIN.

Love that little pink Ojisan! He's the poop!

snakepunchesfox said...

More Grody Goodness! Andy, you can post this stuff every day and I will not get mad.

Anonymous said...

Heh, no wonder Luke's so obsessed with that dollie figure. The heads are a perfect visual match!

Really nice contrast between the cuffs/collars and the texturing on the jumpsuit. Those pompom balls on the feet are pretty great too.

Frank looks ok but Dracula is ballin out of control! I bet Karakuri would look damn fine too! Would EM even fit into the socket?

andy b said...

Even if it doesn't, Luke has a way of making the unfittable fit. He is the masta masher!

Anonymous said...

Well if he can get the license (if he even needs it) to make some of those dollie figures I would *definitely* buy some!!!

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