Saturday, November 5, 2011

New from Grody Shogun

New images from the Fort:
Monster cast in clear vinyl with lamee glitter.
Lots of wild new mashups:
Velocitron head, Monster body and arms

Monster head, Shikaruna body

Shikaruna head and arms, En Man body
More after the jump:

I think these are all Shik parts. Reminds me of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill.

Monster head, Ultrus Bog torso, Monster legs, Shik arma

The counter balance on this, with the Bog body leaning back and the Shik arms (extended out) going forward, is sublime. Let this be made!

En Man head, the rest is all Shik


snakepunchesfox said...

More great shots. Thanks, Andy!
Happy to finally see the little yellow guy with the GID head up close. The Sparkle Monster is interesting. It would be nice to see some painted. I am with you on the Entertainer, he needs to be made! That guy just oozes magical charm! Sorry, but I couldn't help but think: The Simpsons meet Ray Harryhausen in that last picture. Thanks again for posting these.

andy b said...

A painted clear lamee figure is indeed planned. When, where, and what is anyone's guess at this point. ;-)

Luke's mashups are super fun. Since he's always finding crazy new toys, you never know what's going to mash together next!

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