Thursday, November 24, 2011

RESTORE x Medicom double release!

In Japan, not only is December cold, but it's also a month when life tends to slow down. Companies ease off the gas pedal and projects are put to the side as the country gears up for the New Year celebrations and long holiday.

This year, somebody forgot to tell the sofubi world to downshift for the month! In addition to 2 big events: Pachisummit + the Bearbrick World Tour (KK will cover both, in addition to the Yokohama Hot Rod show), there is a growing list of fantastic sofubi releases. Three of them are from RESTORE. The other day, I posted about the spectacular RESTORE x Popsoda 9th anniversary Debris Japan COSMO release, slotted to go on sale Dec 1.

Also, on December 10, Medicom's Project 1/6 store will release two glorious versions of Debris Japan. Project 1/6 releases are typically available at the shop + online (usually for domestic orders only).

Both figures are GID, and they come with demon papers, waist cloth, resin knife + wrist rings. The price will be 8400 yen each.

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