Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rumble Monsters exhibition @ One up Akiba

One up Akiba's first indy maker solo show was by Rumble Monsters. The event, which ended yesterday, featured a fantastic 2004-2011 retrospective of RM figures, most of which were for sale. It was kind of nostalgic looking at the Damnedrons, Pharoans, and other figures from one the pioneers of the modern indy sofubi wave.

The top row of figures, which included some nice Pushead HPs, were display only:

Vader and Stormies!

Pushead HP. You can also see the back reflection of the Pushead Hot Fudge Damnedron (one of my all time favorite sofubi toys).
 More after the jump:
Everything on the second row down was for sale, including some real gems at the original retail price:

These were awesome!

Also on hand were a bunch of collabs between RM and other companies over the years, including Max Toy and Charactics.

Blazing Dead Presidents Damnedron!!

Rumble Monsters Eyezons

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