Monday, November 21, 2011

More about Fuei Shokai (and ordering info)

After Superfestival 57, I reported on a newcomer on the sofubi scene: Fuei Shokai. They had a single figure for sale at their booth. Remember this?
If not, you'll probably remember this: the SF version had a rattle inside that turned out to be a tooth!
Fuei Shokai wrote in to tell us more about the company:

"FUEI SHOKAI Soft Vinyl Doll Making is a brand based on an urban legend in the world. Have a strange character, and give everyone a sense of distrust and fear of the world by specializing in monster."

And some words from Fuei Shokai about the above figure, Slender Man:

"The first doll is called the SLENDER MAN. A description of the SLENDER MAN: SLENDER MAN is American urban legends, legends of the current form is a little different, and rather deep roots of the legend of precedent. In the former West SLENDER MAN is Germany's 18th century seems Erlkönig. Erlkönig and the words are from a mistranslation of the Danish Elverkonge. Elverkonge "the king of the fairies" and that means, Erlkönig the "king of black alder" is. Erlkönig carry away was a traveler wandering in the woods to die. SLENDER MAN is targeted to children present. The urban legend and SLENDER MAN dark woods at night, country road, the road appears in the foggy city. SLENDER MAN invisible to adults, only children can see the SLENDER MAN. Are also said to appear in a child's dream. Ignore it and judge for creativity and runaway children are reported. Children who are targeted by The SLENDER MAN missing from the world. Whereabouts is unknown of course."

Lulubell is working with Fuei Shokai to make the figure available to collectors worldwide. Lulubell's image:
The 6.5" figure is available on Lulubell's site for $50, which is a great price for a sofubi figure of this size.

I've also learned that the figures shipping from Lulubell also come with a tooth inside, so there's a bit of macabre bundled together with the sofubi!


Harrison said...

So creepy!

Do you know if the ones at lulu are being sold with a tooth?

andy b said...

Not sure. I've asked about it. I'll post again if I find anything out.

Harrison said...

Thanks andy!

andy b said...

Got confirmation the ones from Lulubell also have a tooth inside.

Monsterforge said...


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