Sunday, December 4, 2011

Store Visit: Paradise Toy Land

Paradise Toy Land (everybody calls it Paradise) is one of Taipei's best toy stores, with a great mix of Eastern and Western indy toys, including a nice selection of sofubi. They also have clothing and blind box toys, and they host shows featuring artists like Tim Biskup, T9G, Amanda Visell, and Coarse.

Good news for fans around the world: Paradise will ship overseas. Click here to go to their online shop. Also, if you have an inquiry or are interested in something, you can send them an e-mail:

First, the store info:

Store address: Dun Hua S. Rd Sec 1, Lane 187, No. 17, Taipei, Taiwan
Phone number: (+886) (0)2-2776-6224
Fax: (+886) (0) 2 2776-4858

Pics from the store:
First Floor

 More after the jump:

NFS display
 Basement Level

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