Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Revoltech Exhibition at Akiba Zone

From December 2-4, the basement level of Akiba Zone hosted a number of exhibits. The other day, I posted a report about an interesting, though somewhat chaotic, 30 Years of Garage Kits exhibition held in the space. Just to the side of that show was another put on by Kaiyodo, featuring its blockbuster Revoltech line.

I don't collect the line, but I've reported on the company several times. I have a lot of admiration for their level of detail, poseability, and personality spark the company infuses into each new figure. Kaiyodo also puts on amazing Revoltech displays at toy shows.

Here are pics from the Akiba Zone exhibition:

I wonder if anyone's made a stop-motion Revoltech movie. Because there isn't a lot you couldn't do with these figures!
 More after the jump:

  The attention to texture is really eye catching. The armor and bots are shiny, while the kaiju and other monsters have a matte, coarse texture.

This level of posability is simply stunning. You'd expect a figure like this to be a statue. Plus, the sculpt has an amazing level of detail coupled with an infectious personality. 10 gallon hats off to Revoltech!

Another spectacular series, bringing to mind the McFarlane toys from 10 years ago. But these are Revoltech bodies, making them infinitely more poseable (and a lot less stinky!)

The basement level also has a shop where you can get Revoltech and other toys.

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