Monday, December 5, 2011

30 years of Garage Kits Exhibition

The basement level of Akiba Zone is being put to good use. There are a number of dessert, drink, and food shops. There's also a nice amount of space for events and exhibitions.

From December 2-4, they ran several concurrent exhibitions, which I'll post one by one. First up, an exhibition celebrating 30 years of "garage kits" (plastic and resin model kits) in Japan. Garage kits are now a mainstay of the toy scene. For instance, Wonder Festival is known first and foremost as a gathering of garage kit enthusiasts (though of course there's much more to WF).
The Akiba Zone exhibition was somewhat chaotic, with different types of figures, manuals, prototypes, and other display items thrown together in cabinets. There were few signs indicating what was what. But it was interesting to see a bunch of older kits, ranging from kaiju to superhero to manga and anime characters.

Exhibition pics:
 More after the jump:

Mogura kit

Check out the superheroes on the side.

The Amezing Miss. America!
 Vintage photos:
 Vintage mags:

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