Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gargamel's The Thrashout Show

Today's event - The Thrashout Show - may be the final custom show held at Gargamel's flagship store before it closes permanently in January. There were fewer people on hand than I expected, but with the number of customs available, everyone who showed up had a shot at a custom Deathra, Mibora, or Zagoran.

Pics from the show:

 More after the jump:

A couple flew over from Hong Kong for the show. That was very cool. But I expected the crowd to be much larger.

Dennis (aka Mr. Kumon) came for the beer. I must learn more from this Jedi master...

Display only

This was in the back. Not for sale.

So long guys, and thanks for seven great years at Thrashout. Looking forward to future Gargamel releases and hopefully shows at other venues in Tokyo and elsewhere.


Chogokin Jawa said...

Once again, thank you for the coverage Andy. The pieces displayed today were purely insane. Any idea if the unsold will hit their website soon?

andy b said...

I don't know, sorry. I'd check their website for info on that.

Patrick said...

Great pics Andy!.

I hope you got something good at the show!

andy b said...

Thanks Patrick. We pulled really low lottery numbers, so the one we wanted was already taken by the time it was our turn.

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