Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Last Pachisummit 最後のパチモンサミット

Today was something of a bittersweet day. For the last 7 years, Pachisummit has been one of the most unique stops on the indy toy show circuit. Where else could you learn about vintage bootleg toys, eat and drink pretty good bar fare, get free toy lottery prizes, and buy exclusive toys? Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Alas, today's Pachisummit was the last of its kind. The organizers said the main reason for ending the show is because they've already shown off their whole collection of bootleg figures. Here's hoping they'll build the collection and start the show up again down the line.

Pics from today's show:

Doorway giveaways:

 Lottery prizes:

 More after the jump:

Lady Maxx (on the left) and a Pico Pico visitor joined the hosts.

Info on the "Big Kaiju Salon," a Nakano bar I've been meaning to check out.

Nice crowd on hand

Lottery giveaway
 Toy sales:
Girara Chika


Kaji-san handpaint GID Daigomi!

Prototype of upcoming Blobpus figure.


Max Toy + Sunguts


Max Toy


Fig Lab

Last but not least, check out this handmade mecha beast someone brought.

Perfect sendoff to Pachisummit!


krakit said...

Oh no! No more Pachisummits??
Say it isn't so!

I like reading your coverage of
these events and seeing the
photos of the toys for sale
and given through lottery.
Makes me wish I could have
attended or that something
similar took place over here.
I'm going to miss hearing
about them.

I love the photo of the
handgun Thomas the Train!
Ha ha ha :D

andy b said...

Yeah sad day indeed. We talked with the organizer, and after so many events, I can believe they've just plum run out of bootleg things from their collection to show. But I sure do hope they pick up more and restart the event. :)

Anyway, there are still plenty of other toy shows. Speaking of which, I'm planning to head to a Sunguts show today....

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