Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Rockin' Jelly Bean sofubi figure: Mr. Drag

Rockin' Jelly Bean is best known for his poster art, apparel, and Erostika - his Tokyo and Nagoya outlet stores. But he's also done a good bit of figure design, including his very well received take on the Fantastic Four's Invisible Woman.

Recently, RJB released a new original sofubi figure: Mr. Drag. Two versions have been released so far. The figure captures RJB's blend of 1950s rockabilly and surf scenes. It's also very nicely painted. Plus, given the angle of the joints and limbs, the balance is a real feat of design!
The sofubi figure is based on RJB's art.
 More angles and up-close shots:
 More after the jump:

 There's some joint articulation, but not much given the figure's bold pose and balance.
I just checked, and the 2nd version of the figure is available on Erostika's site here. Plus they ship overseas!

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