Thursday, December 8, 2011

Assemble Borg exhibition at Akiba Zone

This was another exhibition put on by Kaiyodo at Akiba Zone the other day. The line, Assemble Borg (sounds Swedish. any Star Trek fans? no? ok), uses the same Revolver Joints as the Revoltech line. That gives the figures extreme poseability.

However, unlike Revoltech toys, which are based on licensed properties, Assemble Borg is an original Kaiyodo line. Also, the figures are designed so limbs and other parts can be added, swapped out, and reassembled, making them Lego-like action figures on steroids.

Speaking of the Borg, the figures do have something of a bio-mecha feel, so who knows, maybe the bulked out cyber dudes from the Delta Quadrant were part of the inspirational pool leading to the line.

More pics from the show:

 More after the jump:

Display of some of the packaged toys.
The shop in the basement of Akiba Zone sells Assemble Borg figures.

Click here to check out a really nice page about the line.


spatula007 said...

It's such a pain to get some of these guys. There's only ebay really and not much of a choice.

andy b said...

Man that's too bad. has a bunch for sale. Maybe that's an option?

Tim said...

Thanks. I bought those through Amazon. It's more the newer stuff, like the vilains.
The Kaiyodo museum store also doesn't ship internationally. D'oh.

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