Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blobpus GID Ollie Enma Pre-order

Blobpus has just posted ordering details for the new GID Blobpus Ollie Enma. International shipping is available, and payment is via Paypal. This is the 2nd release of the figure and a great opportunity for sofubi fans to pick up a Kaji-san handpaint!

The figure is 13,800 yen + shipping. The pre-order window is open until Dec 20. Note this is NOT an "open" order. Kaji-san is only painting a fixed number of these, and as he notes on the blog, he will either close the ordering window early or choose buyers via lottery if orders surpass the fixed number. So I wouldn't sit on the fence with this one, in case the window closes early.

Click here to get all the info from the Blobpus blog.

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