Monday, June 6, 2011

Update on RESTORE's Debris Japan debut release

A few weeks ago, Kaiju Korner brought you the first look at RESTORE's game changing Debris Japan figure. (Click here for that report.) We've just received a new press release from RESTORE on the figure's development.

Key info:

Release date: mid June.
Price: 8400 yen
Points of articulation: 7
Height: 17 cm (6.69 inches)
Accessories: resin knife, metal ring, charm papers, cloth waist covering

Abe-san also points out that the writing on the figure's demon papers is from an Indian language. I'm thinking Sanskrit?

Also, don't forget the figure's surprise reveal, only to be seen once the figures are in collectors' hands.

Finally, RESTORE has set up a page with info in English on his website:

Looks like we're just around the corner from this amazing new figure!

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