Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 Tokyo Toy Show Part 3: Lego

Next up from the Tokyo Toy Show we have Lego, which had one of the nicest booths of the international toy companies in attendance. They must have a couple of staffers working full-time just to put together their toy show displays, because everything was top notch, and all those thousands of little pieces were right in place.


Lego was heavily promoting this line, which has some pretty snazzy figures and buildings!

Due out in July.
 More after the jump:

Massive diorama (which is SO much nicer than massive...well, never mind).
 Star Wars:
Star Wars deserves so much credit for catapulting Lego from basic bricks and playsets to full-on toys that challenged the standard figures and vehicles made by other toy co's.

 Harry Potter:
 Pirates of the Caribbean:

I love the simple yet ingenious creativity behind this set up.
That's a lot of bricks!

This would have made my junior high world history class a lot more interesting!
That does it for Lego. Tomorrow I'll put up Part 4: Sega followed by a Part 5 mega post that will cover everything us. Good night!

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