Thursday, June 2, 2011

J-say what??

File this post under daily life wanderings through Tokyo. Sometimes (OK, often) you see something that makes you do a double take. Fortunately, I usually have my camera on hand.

1. South Park Confectionary?
First up, we have the latest from Crunky, a snack maker. This new offering - Crunky Ball Nude - features the kind of Engrish which makes you wonder if companies even care what their packages say.
Is this what Chef was singing about?
2. Macabre Mansions
This one had me doing quadruple takes. What we have is not one or two, but a whole row of housing complexes with tombstone shaped welcome stones.

Looks like they're letter boxes and maybe doorbells?
More after the jump:
If this is a house of zombies, at least they're eco-friendly!
3 Tasty treats!
This one is more on the "daily life, ain't it grand" side of things.
This is sort of wheel up dessert stand selling "大福餅" (daifuku mochi)  At the center of most of them is anku, a red bean paste, with different flavored glutinous rice coverings, called mochi. 
You've got your strawberry, black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds, and a bunch of other flavors....
 ...and at this stand they're just 70 yen each!
4. Got the time?
Finally in this inaugural J-say what?? is a snapshot from a local clock shop. Not much to say about the pic except it's an example of the type of character licensed product you see everywhere.
Well, that's all for now. It's tough coming up with original toy content every day, so I thought this would be a fun way to mix things up. So, what do you think? Comments welcomed!


Maiya said...

My mom (lives in Japan) was walking by one of those people handing out "pocket tissues", you know, those promotional things with ads in it. The promotion was for a loan company called "Dic".
The girl handing it out noticed that my mom was American, so she tried to speak to her in English and said, "Would you like a Dick?"

I love Engrish.

andy b said...

Hah hah great story! That's amazing that the tissue dispenser person spoke to your mom in English! It's funny - they used to give out tons of those packs to everyone they saw, but in recent years they've become so selective. I was at a station recently waiting for a friend, and I watched this tissue dishing dude *only* hand packs to men in suits exiting the station. :P

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