Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 Tokyo Toy Show Part 5: Everything Else

Welcome to the wrap up post for the 2011 Tokyo Toy Show. But this isn't just a "sayonara thanks for all the sushi." We've got 150 pics to show you from more than 20 exhibiting toy companies. But first here's a look at some winners of the 2011 Japan Toy Awards.

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Other exhibitors, in order from A to Z:

A Kids

Imagine cruising to 3rd grade in one of these!

ABN Professional
This fake sand made by ABN (a Korean firm) is pretty fun to work with, and it doesn't leave gunk on your hands.

Anpanman Garden

I had a nice chat with these guys. One of the reps mentioned they used to have a US distributor, but as the toys are made in Japan, the strength of the Japanese yen forced them to raise prices, making their products less competitive. He said larger companies are able to get around that by having factories overseas.

Since many pieces are snapped together with ball joints, it makes the figures super posable.

Bandai Museum
I've never visited the Bandai Museum, but I sure would love to.
Original antique machines designed by Thomas Edison!

Banshu Soroban Kougeihin

I think these guys are on a quest to make bubble blowing a national sport. Hey, they gave out free gum. No complaints here!

Bubble Kombat


Card Capital

I found this very interesting - a cross-platform line selling comics, cards, and cartoons simultaneously. And they said 80s cartoon makers were crafty!


Rebuilding DaVinci's mechanical contraptions. How awesome is that. Every school could use a set of these!


European Toys

Lots of wooden toys on display at the event.

Exhibit Exclusives
An unmanned table of exclusives. There don't seem to be any of the heavy hitters here, like the Transformers show exclusives (which I believe go on sale on Saturday). Maybe those will be sold at the individual booths?



These little wind up farm animals are really cool. A friendly staffer laid out the new zoo review for me.


Vintage Megoesque style with modern tooling and design? For the win!
With vintage style packaging to boot!

Mega House

One of my fave shots


Nichigan Original

These would also make good learning tools for adults learning Japanese. Why do kids get all the good stuff?


Check out the proto Optimus Prime.

Major props for Revoltech setting up a hands-on area. They had one at Wonderfes too.



Square Enix


This 4D puzzle blew my mind. In general, the company had a fantastic variety of puzzles that were fun, cool, and sometimes educational!

Yummy Dough

Here's that edible play dough I was talking about before.

Tastes like cookie dough.
A few more random images:

I think this dude may be a celebrity, but I'm not sure. A TV crew followed him around. Reminded me of the guy in Lost in Translation, the "Johnny Carson" of Japan. Anybody?

Well, that does it for Kaiju Korner's 2011 Tokyo Toy Show report. Bye all. Thanks for reading!

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