Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pachisummit 2011 Summer

Ah, Pachisummit....there really is no event like it. Its part talk show, part lottery, part toy show, part drunk fest, and all good times. Where else can you spend an afternoon toy gawking in a subterranean bar with a casino quality that makes you forget where you are and what time it is? Not to mention the fact that everyone is eating and drinking as much as they can stuff to increase the odds of winning the days' freebies! Yes, I was stumbling by day's end - so what!

Pachisummit also featured the debut release of sofubi figures from Yamomark, Blobpus, and Paul Kaiju, along with prototypes from Yamomark and Blobpus/MVH, plus the Japan debut of customizer Todd Robertson, and a smorgasbord of figures from Pico Pico, and more! Whew, if that doesn't stroke you up, you ain't been sniffin the sofubi fumes like I have!

Lottery item preview
These are the items donated by participating toy makers. They were all given away in a mega lottery! Detailed pics below.

 More after the jump:

The Talk
The 2 hour talk started with an introduction of the participating toy makers and shots of some of the things they brought to sell.

Next was a preview of some DVDs also for sale after the talk.

And then began the main part of the talk, which focused on some knock-off cards and comics. That's what "Pachi" (bootleg or fake) summit is all about!

Good crowd in attendance!

Bootleg style drawing demonstration!

A couple of characters on hand to liven up the show.

The lottery
As you listen, you feed, imbibe, and otherwise gouge yourself. The more you spend, the more lottery tickets you get, and the greater your odds of winning a lottery item become!

The menu is pretty good, and veggie friendly to boot, with nachos, cheese + crackeres, potato salad, nuts, and etamame (the green pea things) to boot!

If they draw your number, you go up to get your prize.
The toys
Finally there's the toy buying, which is supposed to proceed in an orderly manner. This time it was a wee chaotic, but it all worked out in the end.

Preview of the new Ollie head. I'll have more about this in a separate post coming in a bit.

One-off Kaji-san hanpaint Ollie

Another one-off

Debut release of these minis

In development prototype

 Pico Pico:


Paul Kaiju resins

Salamander Joe debut release (comes with mini Boss Carrion)
 Todd Robertson:
Todd brought some gorgeous stuff!

Super nice mecha virus figure!

Todd + Maiya

Super detailed!!


 Dream Rockets:

get 'ums

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