Sunday, May 15, 2011

RESTORE Debris Japan Paint Sample

I included these pics of RESTORE'S upcoming Debris Japan figure as part of my Design Festa 33 coverage, but the news so big I thought it deserved its own post. Plus I've got more details to share.

The 17 cm tall figure is sofubi, and the parts and accessories are handmade by RESTORE. That includes a resin knife, metal wrist chains, sheafs of demon paper printed, hand cut, and tied together with rope, and a cloth waist covering.

Besides the amazing details you can see from every side of the figure, there a couple of final surprises RESTORE wants to keep secret until collectors have the figure in hand.

The figure will be sold in Japan through Pop Soda and RESTORE, and overseas through Lulubell.

Another piece of breaking news: RESTORE will also be selling Debris Japan unpainted blanks!

More pics after the jump:

 Click here for my previous posts on the figure's development.

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