Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New from US Toys

US Toys is releasing these new figures on June 18 at the Fukui City Museum, as part of an Ultraman art exhibition. The exhibition will be held from June 18 - August 21.

Here are the new US Toys figures that will be sold there:

Giant Kanegon (Orange)
Size: 380 mm
Price: 15,800 yen

Mini Ultraman Fighting Pose
Size: 90 mm
Price: 2100 yen

Mini Ultraman Crouching Pose

Size: 80 mm
Price: 2100 yen

Mini Ultraman Flying Pose

Size: 110 mm
Price: 2100 yen

Here's another upcoming US Toys exclusive, for the 2011 Summer Wonderfestival:

Kanegon (Silver)
Size: 150 mm
Price: Free present with purchase of 15,000 yen or more at the show.

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