Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monyomonyo Exhibit at Studio Uamou

Today at the Uamou Studio in Akihabara, a new exhibit opened, featuring the artwork of Aya Tsuchikabe, aka Monyomonyo. The exhibit runs through July 12. After it ends, any pieces that don't sell will be available for sale through Uamou's online shop.
Aya created many types of work for the exhibition, including plushes, buttons, phone straps, and more.

Aya Tsuchikabe, aka Monyomonyo
 More after the jump:

Some highlights from the exhibition are handsewn coverings for Uamou figures. Really cool collaboration!

These are my favorites - Uamou figures gone wild, viking style!

More Uamou minis - Monyomonyo style. (All these coverings are removable.)


Some Monyomonyo plushes

Phone straps

Wall of plushes!

Check out this cool Monyomonyo deco gear! I wonder how I'd look barrelin down the boulevard rockin this gear...

Monyomonyo T-shirts

Aya calls this the spaceship. (She is from Planet Tokyo.)

Ayako and Aya

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