Monday, August 27, 2012

Frenzy Bros. Show

Yesterday, Rubber Duck, a toy shop in Tokyo, hosted a one-day show featuring toys by Frenzy Bros. Frenzy is an indie outfit getting more attention and exposure as they continue expanding their lines, attending and hosting shows, and participating in collabs.

The show featured a Frenzy toy display, new releases, and previews of upcoming figures. (I'll be posting more about the latter in a future post.) Let's start with the display cabinet, which held a large number of past releases and some nice customs:

More after the jump:

I like the conceptual paint effect on this one.

I really like this one too.

I went gaga over this custom.

A few words about Frenzy, a two-man outfit made up, as their name suggests, of two brothers. They were huge He Man fans in the 80s, and the influence on those iconic toys on Frenzy is hard to miss. Frenzy toys also have a 70s/ Frazetta/Heavy Metal/fantasy vibe. I asked them about that, and yep, all of that is also part of the fusion that makes up their toys.

It's unclear at this time whether these new Devilman Frenzy versions will be released.

 Show releases:

Another beautiful conceptual paint app.

 More figures for sale in the cabinet:

One of the Frenzy bro's kindly allowed me to buy the custom. :)
The good news is, even though this was a one-day show, Rubber Duck will continue selling Frenzy toys going forward. There may even be more Frenzy shows there in the future. Soon, I'll be writing a full report on the store.

I also plan to add it to my Tokyo toy map so fans will know exactly where to go for Frenzy toys.

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