Friday, August 17, 2012

Devilman Mazinger Z 40th Anniversary Event at Tokyo's Tokyo

2011 marked Kamen Rider's 30th anniversary. This year Devilman and Mazinger Z celebrate their 40th years running strong. And you know what anniversaries mean - special events and new toys!

Today at Tokyo's Tokyo, one of the newest spots on the indie toy circuit, a two-week event - called DZ40 - opened, featuring art, shirts, and toys related to the two mega franchises.
There's no other way to say it - the opening was chaos. The store is on the 5th floor of Tokyu Plaza, a glitzy new department store in Harajuku. Tokyo's Tokyo, along with most stores in the building, opens at 11:00. However, the Starbucks on the 6th floor opens at 8:30. You can see where this is going. Come 11:00 you had people descending on the store from every which direction, and they jumped on the pile of toys lack a pack of piranhas.

In a way, it was exciting to see so much enthusiasm over indie toys on a Friday morning. And there were a lot of toys to go around, with the exception of the Frenzy figure, which looked to be limited to 10 figures or less and disappeared instantly.

Event pics:
Medicom released two Devilman sofubi figures - each around 10" tall.

Exquisite new Mirock sculpt. They were sold via pre-order.

Frenzy's take on Devilman. Maybe my favorite Frenzy release to date.
 More after the jump:

 The following toys were display only:
Handsome Tarom

Another by Handsome Tarom

Max Toy
 There were also a bunch of shirts (for sale) and art (for display):

Nice one by Mark Nagata

Beautiful rendering blended with classical motifes

Another beaut

Really big turnout.

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J.ME. said...

love that Mirock Toy Devilman

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