Saturday, September 29, 2012

Toy Field

A few weeks ago, I put up some pics of plush figures by Toy Field sold at the Loft Artist Selection Exhibition. I went back to the department store the other day, snapped a few more pics of the Toy Field set up, and spotted some interesting details and surprises:
This is a Usagi Long Yar

These versions are signed on the feet.
Short intro to Usagi Long Yar. The price (43,000 yen) makes me think they could be hand crafted.

 More after the jump:
More close ups of the figures in the case:

Something I didn't spot last time, as they were on a lower shelf: Takara Tomy (I've linked to their English page, but it's really lacking compared to the Japanese site here) has released boxed versions of these Usagi toys, labeled as part of the "Toys Field" line.
They look really nice but sell for 11,500 yen each, which is considerably less than the showcase figures. Still at that price, we remain in the high-end range - either an adult collectible or doll for a kid in a well-off family.

I ran a search for "Toys Field" on the Japanese Takara Tomy site and found a ton of hits. Looks like they've made a bunch of different dolls designed by the maker, who, to my limited knowledge, straddles both the indie and mainstream toy worlds.

By the way, I know folks want to know how to get the toys I post about. I try to get that info and post it when I have it. I did some digging and found the official online shop for Toy Field. It's in Japanese, but they have a contact page. If you drill down and submit your query, you might be able to get in touch and ask about ordering.

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