Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peko-chan Pacifies Terrified Toddler

Tokyo station is in the middle of a huge restoration. New and renovated stores are coming online alongside well-established venues.

On cold and rainy days, weekends, holidays, and evenings, mega stations like Tokyo are destonations in their own right. There are hundreds of stores and restaurants, including smaller stores, stalls, and pop up shops. It's easy to while away an afternoon window shopping, bargain hunting, and snacking.

This weekend, at the Milky stall in one of the sprawling station's department stores, Peko-chan was on hand to greet guests.
 Mostly, she posed for photos, waved, and brought cheer to the spending masses.
But one toddler screamed bloody murder at the sight of the costumed sweet peddler. You can't blame her - 99.9% of humans you see are properly proportioned, Then, on an otherwise innocuous Saturday afternoon, as you're rolling along in your baby stroller, happy as you please, you see this gigantic, plush proto-human with a monstrous head.
 What do do??? Don't hate a bulbous mascot. I'm really sweet and caramely on the inside!
To the rescue comes Peko-chan's handler. He proffers something small and tasty.
Peace offering! (Note the handler pantomiming something. "It gives the candy to the child." ??? I wasn't close enough to overhear.)
Hooray! Customers are cajoled, momma and baby move along, and balance is restored to the station. Carry on, my caramelized Tokyoites!

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