Thursday, September 13, 2012

KK Vintage: M1Go Daimon

Since I had a fun time writing up the vintage Popy Robo Hacchan figures the other week, I thought I'd carry on the vintage series with a look at Daimon. The figure, which stands at about 8" tall, was made by M1go in 1991 - so it's not too old.

Daimon is a character from a movie called Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare. Released in 1968 by Daiei Studio, the film was the first in a trilogy. Each of the movies features tons of yokai, demons, and other creatures from Japanese folklore.

In Spook Warfare, Daimon is the villain, a ruthless vampire released from his 4,000 year sleep by tomb raiders in Babylonia. Daimon makes his way to Japan, where the bulk of the story takes place. It's up to a brave Kappa and many other yokai to challenge the shape shifting, self-cloning, blood drinking Daimon.

I picked up one of the Daimon sofubi figures at Gateway. It's really well designed, sculpted, and executed.
Several versions of the figure were made by M1Go.
A closer look at the figure:
Really nice articulation at the head, arms, and waist. You can rotate the feathered arms 360 degrees.
 More after the jump:

Classic kaiju spray - subtle, and judiciously applied to bring out the depth of the sculpt and add personality.

The weapon is molded onto the arm. Would have been great if it were separate.

Nice sculpting details
Check out that tail!
All three films in the Yokai Monsters series are available at a low price on Amazon, with subtitles to boot.
Click here to go to the Amazon page for Spook Warfare.

And here's the film's trailer:

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