Monday, February 13, 2012

Wonder Festival 2012 (Winter) / ワンダーフェスティバル 2012[冬] Part 3 garage kits, models, and miniatures

Here in part 3 of our Wonder Festival coverage, we'll look at some of the garage kits (usually blank unassembled resin kits) and other models and minatures from the show. For me it was a chance to  cover another side of the indy toy scene and have some fun with the photos, especially when it came to painted garage kits with nice backgrounds.

For many of the below figures, I'll list the booth name and (when available) contact information:

Atelier Hiro:

 Atragon - GK

More after the jump:

Super cool kits that transfrom from scooters to robots. Subarashi.

This is called Project Pawreta

 Dinosaur Gallery

 Giant Hobby
These guys have a shop in Nakano Broadway.


I really dug the sci-fi themed stuff at the show. It seems there was more of a balance this time between different types of figures, with fewer cute anime characters and more like this, as well as dinosaurs, monsters, etc.

 Nagae Art Production
Another excellent transforming kit series.

 12 Modelers
A lot of amazing work on this table. Website:

 Yomogi Garage

Paper Moon R:
See the box behind the life-sized doll? It's full of Valentine's Day gifts. The booth operators would place a gift in the figure's hands, and then prompt you to take it from her as a gift. I (and I imagine most other people) couldn't help but thank them AND the mannequin. :p

Quite a few booths sold paint and other modeling supplies.

It's nice to have a camera that lets me take shots like this.

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Brian said...

That snowboarding Miku is excellent stuff! :) The little booths always captivate me.

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