Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grody Shogun x Velocitron mashup

The final leg of our Leap Year Day quadraped is a photo shoot of a 1/1 Grody Shogun x Velocitron mashup released at the recent Wonder Festival. The mashup works on so many levels I wanted to give it its propers with a multi-sided, multi-angle shoot:

First a look from all sides:
From the front, the figure looks like its doing a promo shoot for a 1930s boxing match. It's either that or a middle-aged lady holding a handbag...
From the side, the figure reminds me of Mimic, a cool film in which subterranean creatures survive by contorting into a shape resembling an overcoat-wearing human.
This look has a crustacean feeling, which is strengthened by the paint scheme. This side also looks like he's praying, or maybe reciting the pledge of allegiance?
More after the jump:

Here the distorted, crooked nature of the figure is revealed.
 Now some close-ups:
Really love the paint work on this figure.

Plus it's translucent. Bravo Luke + Ricky!

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