Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mirock Toy Dragon Bodhisattva (ドラゴン菩薩)

Mirock Toy first made his mark with Real Head toys with his interpretation of classic figures like Chaos and Evil. Now he turns his prodigious sculpting skills to Real Head adult figures. The first of these is ドラゴン菩薩 (Dragon Bodhisattva), which through name and sculpt combines elements of religious imagery with a fantasy motife, spun together to form a new head and arm for the standard Real Head adult body.

Here are pics of an unpainted pink test shot:

The character's serene face is half covered by a menacing mask, which reminds one of the fierce 面頬 (menpo - faceplate) and 立物 (wakidate - crests) from suits of samurai armor.

Fantastic detail and execution. Again here, the organic and mecha are intertwined.

As far as I know, the figure hasn't debuted for sale yet. Looking forward to its release.

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