Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wonder Festival 2012 (Winter) / ワンダーフェスティバル 2012[冬] Part 2 Indy Sofubi

Next up in Kaiju Korner's coverage of Wonder Festival is indy sofubi, arranged (mostly) in alphabetical order:

Atom A Armwrestler


Much more after the jump:

Atelier G1

 Black Rabbit

I asked CCP, and they will ship overseas.

 Cosmo Knight Alpha


 Dr Strange Toys
resin figure
 Dream Rockets
Table full of beautiful one-offs

 Fig Lab

Splurrt and friends at WF!

 Five Star Toys

 Hazawa Gumi

Today's exclusive


This table sure cleared out fast! Almost nothin to see but black felt when I rolled up.

 M1 Go
No lucky bag this time, but lots of other stuff!

Today's exclusive. Three plastic eggs (spaceships? meteors?) to choose from


 Max Toy

Micro Negora. Coming soon!

Flyer for upcoming show at Design Festa Gallery. Show will run from March 31-April 1.
 Mirock + Goccodo


 Nerd One

Today's exclusive. It has doll eyes that open and close!
The little figures on the bottom are new soft resin figures that will be sold soon. They'll be bundled with standard size Stereogons.

I checked with Nerd One, and he will ship overseas. So keep your eyes peeled on his site:
New outfit in town, run by the folks who own Psychedlia (Osaka toy shop.

The cell phone gun can slide over the right arm as an attachment or held in the left hand.

The helmet/hair is detachable. It also has four sides/looks when turned around.

Upcoming Teknopolice (store run by the owner of Psychedlia) exclusive.
 PP Pudding

 Shamrock Arrow


Display only, but coming soon! (The fellow in the pad is the figure's designer.)

This will be the debut color. It might be out in time for next month's Anime Fair.

Upcoming figures based on the anime Hakujaden (from the original Chinese folktale "Tale of the White Snake". (Thanks for the info on that Doluroking!) I really like the one on the right.

More previews
 Shirahama, Ilanena, Grody Shogun, + Velocitron
En-man's painted by Dennis (Shirahama)

Header card art for the D'En-man's

Grody x Velocitron

I love the brushwork above the eyes + the paint on the head and arms....pretty much everything about this release.

Off the charts fantastic work. It's actually a two-step rub plus camo paint app. I'll cover one of these in more detail in a future post.

Army green monsters!

Ugly Unicorns in the house


These are upcoming Rotofugi exclusives. There will be just one of each color set.

Dennis profoundly writing
 Pico Pico + Sunguts

This guy is super fun.

 Uky Daydreamer
Some sofubi, some resin. Uky made the trip over from Fukuoka for the event!

 US Toys

Gorgeous Kanegon

Upcoming release


Upcoming release

One-day license releases

The figure is from an old Japanese TV show.

This sofubi figure with a metallic coating was just for display (for hanging a sign actually) but I thought it was very cool.

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insolv1niac said...

Flipper Enman is hilarious!

also, is there a release date for the RxH bear?

andy b said...

The debut Bearos was released today. I added pics of the painted version.

karoy said...

Absolutely awesome range of figures!
Amapro, CCP, M1Go, Shikaruna and Marusan and on and on..

They all really have evolved their sculpts and/or painting techniques.
That metallic dragon figure by Yitari, for instance, was something else.

Kinda wish I could be there in person, then again, I'd go broke at the first half of dozen tables..

Also, I still am paining for those dancing gojis from Hazawa Gumi's shop.. so, if you know how to get a hold of them, please drop me a line.

Much thanks for your efforts as always.

dokuroking said...

Hey andy, the figures in question are from the Toei animation called Hakujaden:

andy b said...

Thanks for the info! I'll update the post. :)

andy b said...

Thanks karoy - Yitari was really popular with local collectors. All their stuff sold out.

keffpristine said...

that ichibanboshi monkey man looks awesome!

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