Monday, February 27, 2012

Blobpus x MVH Enma Ollie side by side

Now that the GID Enmas are shipping, I thought it would be nice to take a side by side look at the first two Enma production releases.
I think the colors on both releases are quite a bit different, though they both have the signature Blobpus look.

 More after the jump:

 Individual shots:
I love the poseability of these figures.Really dynamic with four points of articulation.

 The obligatory WWE pose off.
Check out these 16" pythons!
On the right-hand panel, there a bunch more side by sides of other toys.


Patrick said...

Awesome post Andy. When I first saw pics of the GID version, I thought it looked a bit too close to the red. Boy was I ever wrong. Haha.

andy b said...

Yeah I was also unsure at first, but seeing them together first-hand, there's quite a big difference.

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