Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blobpus x Masayoshi Hanawa Monsters Exhibition

A new Blobpus x Masayoshi Hanawa exhibition opened yesterday at P Koen, an interesting clothing/goods shop near Gakugeidaku station in Tokyo. The station is 4 stops from Shibuya on the Tokyu Toyoko line.

The show, which runs through Sept 12, includes customs by Kaji-san, artwork by Hanawa-san, as well as customs by Todd Robertson. The event also marks the release of  Jupon, a character designed in 2D by Hanawa-san and interpreted as a 3D sofubi figure by Kaji-san. Jupon is an eating monster, and its name comes from the chomping sound made as Jupon devours his meals.

This is the first in a line of sofubi figures based on Hanawa-san's characters. The next will be Belotonian Jr. You can see my pics of the in-development sculpt for that character here.

Hanawa-san's art, which includes illustrations, paintings, and mixed media work, is shown at the Zenshi Gallery. I asked Hanawa-san how people can buy his art, and he said the best way is to go through the gallery. I'll try to get a link or info on  other ways to contact them.
Jupon customs by Kaji-san:

 More after the jump:

First production Jupon (Not yet released. I'll post more details in an upcoming post.)
 Masayoshi Hanawa art:

Sofubi + cloth Jupons side by side

Original illustrations on cloth

 Todd Robertson customs:

Blobpus x Yamomark customs:

Masayoshi Hanawa T-shirt
Kaji-san + Masayoshi Hanawa
Store shots:


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