Saturday, September 10, 2011

Medicom x MVH double exclusive Ollie releases

Today in Tokyo's Shibuya district, Medicom carried on with its brilliant run of exclusive sofubi toys with a double release of MVH's Ollie at Project 1/6, Medicom's flagship store. The "standard" Ollie was metallic green, purple, and blue while the "secret" was GID with green, purple, and silver spray. The colors and header card made the figures' inspiration grinningly clear. ^_^

We rolled up on a fairly hot and humid day.

This funny sign on the door tells people how best to line up on exclusive release days. (Check out the diagram!)

We passed the time by gabbing and munching on a sandwich and iced coffee. When the clock struck noon, the doors swung wide!
More after the jump:

You can see the standard Ollie there, behind the register.

Ollie aboard!

Quick as lightning, the secrets sold out. Turns out only 2 secrets were sold at the store.

 Header card closeups:

Congrats to MVH and Medicom! Keep up the good sofubi!!

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