Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bwana Spoons x Martin Ontiveros Sleep it Off show @ Thrashout

Today, Bwana and Martin's new custom/art show opened at Thrashout, Gargamel's flagship store in Koenji. This may be the last show at the shop, which may be closing for good soon. The pair gave the legendary store a mighty send off with loads of customs and paintings.

The waitroom.

Pulled a nice number this time. :)
Customs and paintings:

More after the jump:

Custom micro Killers!

More prints and paintings:

Show exclusives
New micros!

Bwana and Martin
Kiyoka and Dennis (Shirohama)

Let the pencil fight begin!

The winning implement. Kaiju Korner emerges victorious and preserves its winning streak of one consecutive championship!
The spoils and the glory!


Chogokin Jawa said...

Thank you for the coverage Andy!
Did you pick something?
BTW you wrote that Thrash Out store is going to close. Is it just a moving or a permanent closing?

andy b said...

I got a micro Killer custom :)

Well, it sounds like Thrashout is closing for good. I asked today, and they confirmed it. But I don't know when or if they're moving.

Scott said...

Pencil popping rules!! I love the action shots.

Michael d. said...

Thrashout closing for good :(

It was always a dream of mine to make it to a show there. So will they be moving to only online sales?

Anonymous said...

Shame about Thrashout.

I just wanted to say that Kumon is SLAMMIN. Congrats to whoever scored it.

andy b said...

So I did more checking. Thrashout may close in the coming months, but it's possible that 1 or 2 more shows may be held there beforehand! I've also heard Gargamel will still be making toys, but yeah I guess they'll be moving to an online model. Hopefully they'll keep attending SDCC and putting on shows in Japan and abroad!

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