Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Next article: Playtimes magazine

My next article will be a piece for Playtimes magazine. It will be a pictoral guide to Tokyo's biggest toy shows. The landscape has changed quite a lot in recent years, so toy hunters traveling to Japan will want to check it out for the run down on how/when/where to get the newest toys!

The piece is slotted to appear in Playimes 4, scheduled for a November release.



snakepunchesfox said...

Very timley. I was just about to write and ask you the when's. Can't make it to Super Festival, but look forward to maybe catching the next event. Will be picking up this and your Clutter article. Thanks! Keep up the excellent work!

andy b said...

The exact when's can be a little tricky, since they change a bit year to year, but the top shows + seasons are pretty regular. For every toooy...show....show...show...there is a season... Um, yeah. Anyway, I hope you like the articles!

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