Sunday, September 25, 2011

Super Festival 57

Today's Super Festival was held on a gorgeous autumn day. Maybe because of the season, or because enough time has passed since 3/11, but this event had far more new releases, new sculpts, and new exhibitors than the previous SF. Everyone was in good spirits, and, like with all SFs, once the opening rush died down, people just hung around, chatted, and had a good time.

This was the first time I was able to put my new camera to the test, and it pulled through really nicely. I was able to take some creative angled and macro shots that I wouldn't even dare try with my previous rig.

One of the highlights of the show for me was meeting Mr. Tatsuhiko Akashi, Medicom's boss. I thanked him for everything he's done to support indie sofubi, and he surprised me by saying he's a Kaiju Korner reader!

Well, without further ado, here's Kaiju Korner's SF 57 report (about 240 photos this time), with pics arranged by maker. (Click on each pic to see the full size.) Enjoy!


Only the blue and brown (both GID) were sold at SF.

Pushead signing a header card
200+ pics after the jump:


Next Pachisummit giveaway
Atelier G-1





Fewture Models

One of my favorite pics

This one too. Fewture Models does such amazing work!

Bara Pro


New figures, coming soon!

Fuei Shokai
New arrival on the scene. Click here for their site.
An actual human tooth is inside each figure!
Creative Design

Sunguts, Pico Pico, and Max Toy

Rampage Toys
Hi Jon!

Painted by Ricky of Velocitron


Painted Oji-san run by Ilanena
Paul Kaiju customs:

Ilanena made this himself! I got to try it on. Good fun!

Cadaver Kid painted by Ricky
Waniphant painted by Ricky
Grody Shogun
New skull figure.
Luke says lots of folks (including myself) said Starry Night!, but it isn't based on the painting.
Adult header version
Kaiju Ken
Kesaran Pasaran
Nice to finally be able to shoot work like this from an inch or two away.

Shooting game!
Real Head
Tons of adult RxH figures on hand!
And lots of Fortune Cats too!
Three amazing new head sculpts by Mirock
Atom A Armwrestler

Cord Viper
The painted blue lines are GID!

Abe-san and his phenomenal mega-sized Debris Japan
Refreshment Toys
The Chaos was painted by Hossy-san of Popsoda


So cute, and just 500 yen!
Coming up from the Shikaruna sofubi masters

US Toys

New character samples

This manga, featuring Yamomark characters, was drawn by Girara Chika, who was on hand to meet and greet collectors.

Nice work!

Dynamic Koguma

Dealer Tables


Original movie props


MrSeanG said...

Oh my god, look at the vintage from the dealer tables. Popy Go Lion jumbo for ¥30,000... DEAL. So many good vintage pieces! Hope someone brought me something!

ultrakaiju said...

Sweet coverage, looks like you manages to grab pics of just about everything there! I just espied Don in that last shot, and I realised I didn't get any photos with any people in them :P

krakit said...

Awesome coverage, Andy!
So much drool on my
monitor :D :D :D

In the exhibitions there's
a little motorcycle that's
made of an orange human
figure with white helmet
(it's probably a robot)
that is so perfect in
cuteness, color, and

The Thomas the Train robot
was a neat surprise. Does
the Cartoon Toy Guy have a
website or some way to be

Lovin' the Ilanena costume!

the little brains on the
Sunguts, Pico Pico, and Max Toy
table remind me of the jumping
brain figures
by Emilio Garcia.

The Greasebats and mini Enforcer
Sarvos on the Fig-Lab table were
cool to see too. Thankfully I
was able to buy the Sarvos from
Onell this past Wednesday.

Bob Conge said...

Thanks for the great coverage Andy. Almost like being there.

andy b said...

Thanks guys!

Krakit - sorry about that. That outfit is called Dynamic Koguma. I put "Cartoon Toy Guy" in there as a place holder until I could dig up their name. Not sure offhand if they have a website. If they do, I'll post it.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Andy. Thanks for the awesome coverage.

You've got me drooling for that Mirock black buddha now.

Random Beauty Studios... said...

thank you for the awesome pix Andy.....!!!

Mattyboombatty said...

Absolutely amazing photos! Marusan mixed color vinyls are insane this year.
I'm also interested in that viper company, I'll have to go back and get their full name but they had some hot toys.

andy b said...

I agree those Marusan mixed were super cool. I'm also really happy that Mirock has kept plugging away and has become a fixture at the Fests. His sculpting and paint work are fantastic.

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