Friday, August 5, 2011

New Blobpus figure: Belotonian Jr.

Today, Kaji-san showed me a new figure he's working on. It's called Belotonian Jr. and is a collaboration between Blobpus and Masayoshi Hanawa.

 The figure is based on an illustration by Hanawa-san from his book, called Monsters.
Beletonian Jr. illustration
More after the jump:

Some other illustrations from the book:

As Kaji-san explained it, he's basing the 3D figure on a single illustration, while making adjustments as needed for the translation from 2D-3D. So the resulting figure is something of a joint design between him and Hanawa-san.

More pics of the clay sculpt:

Belotonian Jr. is due out this winter. Smile for the camera!


Toad Licking Monkey said...

Two of my favorite artists, wow!
Really exciting stuff.

Would you happen to know how one can get a hold of Hanawa's book or other works? Especially here in the US?

thanks. karoy

andy b said...

Best thing would be to contact Blobpus and ask directly. There's a link to the Blobpus homepage on the left of KK.

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