Monday, August 22, 2011

New Grody Shogun Toy: Ensorcelled Man

Ensorcelled Man prototype sculpt
This new figure from Grody Shogun is set to debut in the coming weeks. It's larger and chunkier than the first two rounds of Grody figures (Oji-san + Karakuri, Monsters). I'd estimate it's around 8-10" tall. The yokai look and feel of the figure should fit in really nicely with the rest of Luke's rapidly growing line of toys.

As Luke explained to me, the production figure is also jointed at the elbow, using an interesting bevel style joint. So all told it looks like it will have 5 or 6 points of articulation.

Luke is constantly working on new characters, and his studio is full of figures at every stage of production, from early sculpts to finished pieces waiting to be produced. He plans to put out new figures regularly, which is good news for sofubi fiends!

On that note, I guess this is a good time to announce that issue 16 of Clutter magazine will contain a photo essay I'm putting together. It will focus on my recent visit to Luke's studio (known as "The Fort"), where he and Ricky (Velocitron) create their own original figures, do project management for figures from artists like LASH, Jeff Lamm, etc, and produce figures through Lulubell for artists like Skinner and Paul Kaiju.

The piece will look at all those sides of the operation, the painting nook (with some really awesome paint samples), and so on. It's a rare insider's look at the place where a TON of the sofubi we know and love is created, crafted and/or prepped for production. Good stuff.

The issue is scheduled to hit the presses in late September, so make sure to check it out.


snakepunchesfox said...

Very much looking forward to your article. Will you by chance get into the materials used in the various stages of development? I am particularly interested to know what Luke and Ricky use to sculpt their prototypes and where to find it in Japan. Can't wait to see the Ensorcelled Man in all his Glody Grory!! Keep up the FANTASTIC work! Many thanks.

andy b said...

I will indeed be touching on that. In fact, I`ve got shots of every stage of the figure-making process + the equipment used + shots of in production and not-yet-produced sculpts, test shots, and plenty of other content. So lots of great stuff will go into the piece!

snakepunchesfox said...


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