Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mandarake x MVH Double Ollie Release

Got there a wee bit early for the release. Seeing Nakano Broadway empty and dark felt like a scene from a zombie movie. When the early otaku crowd started flowing past, my suspicions grew... Then I sat back and relaxed, content in the awareness that I have little brain matter to tempt the hungry undead.
Line starts here.
Two Ollies were released at Mandarake:



Chogokin Jawa said...

So you were the first in the line? Brilliant!
I really dig the "Tokyo" colorway, it nicely fits to the Ollie shape according to me.

andy b said...

Yes we got there really early, sat on the hard floor, and played several rounds of "who can be the first to throw the sandwich wrapper into the bag" to pass the time. ^_^

Stephen said...

Nice Andy. I am surprised there wasn't more of a frenzied crowd waiting alongside you. I understand that the Mandarakes were also crazy with O-bon sales. Bad time to have a limited release :P

andy b said...

There was a pretty good sized crowd. The shot I put up was from the early morning, before folks started piling in. Even the shop shutters are still down. ;-)

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