Friday, August 19, 2011

Grody Shogun

Luke Rook (of Lulubell Toys) has been having all kinds of fun with his new line of toys. He started a new outfit, Grody Shogun, to focus on his own creative projects. Luke does just about everything, from sculpting, creating the wax (to make the molds), to painting the figures.

The first two figures he put out were Oji-san and Karakuri. That was quickly followed by a mix and match line of monsters with 4 different bodies, 6 different arms, and 6 different heads! Collectors online and at shows have gone nuts for the figures. After getting a couple of these toys, there's no doubt they are flat out FUN!

Here are some shots. (Make sure to read all the way to the end - a bit of news there. ;-)
Karakuri is a blocky version of Oji-san. No surprise there, since, as Luke told me today, he was sculpted directly from the Oji-san wax mold! Luke also mentioned the inspiration for the figure was Edo era "karakuri:" mechanical creations. AWESOME!

Next we have this Monster/Karakuri mashup. The head and arms are from the monster line, but the body is Karakuri's. Love it!!!
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Shall we....?
The only drawback to these toys is the dudes don't always stand that well....

....but where we're going, who needs feet?


The Grody dudes with Skinner's new figure, which was sculpted by Shikaruna and produced by Lulubell.
Oh, that's right. A bit of news.... Stay tuned in the very near future for a Grody Shogun x Kaiju Korner exclusive toy/print set. I'm also putting together a magazine article/photo essay on the mystical place deep in the bowels of Koenji where the toy magic happens (more on that soon! :O)

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