Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gargamel Thrashout 7th Anniversary Event

Today Gargamel celebrated its 7th anniversary. It was mostly a custom show, with mini and large figures painted by Kiyoka, Naoya, Katope. and Chanmen. A new, very nice standard sized Zag (possible future production figure) was also briefly unveiled. Without further ado, pics:

There was a huge crowd (50-60 people) on hand for the show.
Drawing numbers to determine buying order.
Show pics (click each one to see the full size):
 More after the jump:

Chanmen's group. I like his fresh take on a lot of these figures.

More store shots:

Mini samples (NFS). I asked when the gacha machines would be repopulated with new micro figures like Helper and Killer. Kiyoka said probably next month.

Possible upcoming production Zag.


Chogokin Jawa said...

Thank you Andy for the coverage of this event. As usual great pics and awesome pieces.

BTW do you know if the Blue Hedo 9" was sold out after the show?

andy b said...

Pas de probleme! (J'ai vu ton post en Altertoys. ;-) I should join so I can practice writing in French. ^_^

I don't think it was sold out when I left. I think most people bought customs. But I'm not 100% sure.

Chogokin Jawa said...

Yes you should definitely come & join us. You are more than welcome!

Thank you for the information about the Blue Hedo. Keep my fingers crossed!


andy b said...

Merci, et bonne chance!

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