Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Art of Ultra Q Exhibit

Pics from the "Art of Ultra Q" show, which is being held at the Shibuya Parco department store. It runs through Sept 7. The gallery is full of beautiful paintings from Ultraman lore. No photos of the artwork allowed inside the gallery, though.

Some prints:

Toys for sale:
There are a ton of licensed Ultraman toys from US Toys, Marmit, Marusan, Fewture Models, Yamanaya, etc.

Close ups and more after the jump:

This basically says, "Please do not flip the toys."

Balls out. Way out.
 Non-toy merchandise:

 Toy display, nicely arranged by character:

Unfortunately we missed an appearance by Kanegon. He was Kan-e-gone by the time we rolled up. But it was still a cool show! (BTW, it's also free - no ticket required.)


blakewest said...

Those piles of toys for sale made me start sweating. Awesome show. Thanks for all the pix Andy!

andy b said...

My pleasure. Thanks for reading!

Nerdstrom. said...

Thanks for this, Andy!
Great, thorough coverage, as always!

Nerdstrom. said...

One question for you: do you have any clarifying detail on that Garamon piece (print?) in the acrylic display box on the pedestal in the first shot?

andy b said...

Cheers, glad you like the coverage.
The Garamon piece is one of the art pieces on display, with photography not permitted. Hard to make out the signature. "Kaida..i" maybe. Hope that helps!

Nerdstrom. said...

Ah, okay... probably by Yuji Kaida. He designed/did the box art for the Bandai mini diorama from a few years back, the one with two Garamons stomping through a tiny ruined cityscape. Too bad you couldn't snap a pic! Thanks for the reply!

andy b said...

I'm not putting up pics of the art out of respect for the "no photos" signs in the gallery area.

Nerdstrom. said...

Oh yeah, I understand... yes! Good!

ultrakaiju said...

Thanks for all the great coverage Andy. Glad you managed to snap plenty of pics. Looks like a really sweet exhibit, hope I have the chance to check it out.

Dennis said...

Hey Andy,
Thanks so much more the coverage. Looked like a great show, as well as nice souvenirs to pick up at the store! btw, What's the name of the cicada/bug creature toy next to the Eiffel towers (from the display case?

PS--Keep up your great and dedicated work!

andy b said...

Your powers of intution serve you well! That would indeed by Cicadaman.

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