Monday, August 1, 2011

Medicom 15th Anniversary Exhibition

The other day in Shibuya marked the opening of Medicom's 15th year anniversary show. After creating Bearbrick, the first widely popular platform toy, Medicom went on to develop more original lines, like Kubrick, in addition to license based 12" toys + so many others that they just released a second book to catalogue them all! More recently Medicom has been a fabulous supporter of indy sofubi.

Another thing Medicom knows how to do is put on a show. For years, they've had displays at the Taipei Toy Festival, and their set ups are always a highlight of the event. (You can check out some of the past Kaiju Korner TTF reports off to the right.)

The current event is split between two floors of the Shibuya Parka 1 department store. Here are my pics from the show. (Click on each one to see the full size.)

Giant Bearbricks greeting people outside the mall:

 B1 level:

 More after the jump:

 8th Floor:

 Click here for my post with the sofubi closeups.

 Exclusives for sale:


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